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Managing the Risk Associated with a mass casualty event!

Every crisis creates its own trauma. No one is immune! We all feel guilt not knowing what to do first, fear not knowing what to expect, and a sense of being out of control for the moment. To reduce your guilt, follow Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" to focus on what's most important to the victims. To reduce your fear and regain a sense of being in control, adopt the "Incident Command System (ICS)" to your organization so you arrive at the scene trained, properly equipped, and ready to hit the ground running.

I launched this site after 9-11-01 to study the trauma a community feels whenever it's confronted with a life threatening incident. I use this site to promote cost effective "Public-to-Private Partnerships" ready to be phased into an operation anytime the scope of a crisis overwhelms or its duration exhausts public sector response assets.


During the past twelve years, we've designed basic "Unified" Command templates appropriate for financial institutions, veteran organizations, churches, companies and corporations, as well as families, groups and associations. Return to www.RMLearningCenter.com to learn more.


Here you'll learn the benefits of Homeland Security Public-to-Private Partnerships and how to respond to a life threatening crisis in your community!


May 20, 2011: Tornados are threatening the U.S. communities! Go to your local TV weather channel to track tornados threatening communities in the U.S.

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Our Community Outreach Project Mission? : Adopt the Incident Command System to the "Private." sector.

Our Motto?  "Keep it simple and user friendly!  

I used this site to channel support to WOCCU first responders in Haiti.   Haiti CIRT Responders... Click Here 

Our primary strategy is to teach the Incident Command System (ICS) to business associations, volunteers, clubs, and veteran' organizations in the private sector. 

The ICS was first used in the 1940's by fire departments to fight fires burning across municipal' boundaries. Since 9-11, the ICS has been required training for all US firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency government personnel. For the most current information on incident command and control, contact your local fire chief.

This site creates

Public-to-Private partnerships

based on

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Attention: Those responding to the Haiti Earthquake should go to our Risk Management Learning Center at www.RMLearningCenter.com for Risk Management support.

To contact me, go through your Credit Union CEO and Risk Manager, your CUNA Mutual Group Representative, WOCCU Representative, or Credit Union President.                                       Rich Woldt - CEO The Risk Management Learning Center

Veterans: Go to www.DoorCountyVeterans.com or contact your Post' or League' Commander.

Attention all International Credit Union Risk Managers!

Posted 2-24-08 An update on the RMLC International Credit Union Risk Management Homeland Security R&D project:  As most of you know, we created a number web sites to support our Homeland Security R&D projects started on the first anniversary of the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks. As of 1-1-08 we merged these sites and will soon launch "Basic Training (BT)" and "Advanced Individual Training (AIT)" Risk Management programs for veterans through www.VFWPost8337.com, and "Special Operations" training for credit unions and the private sector through www.ASIS067.com.

Note to US Veterans: During 2008 we'll implement mutual aid agreements between US veteran posts and join forces with the Veterans of Foreign Wars to promote Public-to-Private  HLS partnerships through our R&D site at www.COPs007.com  and our international business development site at www.ASIS067.com. All "Private Sector" emergency response and recovery protocols will be  taught by our "Special Operations" faculty at www.RMLearningCenter.com. All RM and operational protocols will be field tested through WOCCU and the International Credit Union Movement. 

Posted 2-8-08:  Attention International Risk Managers! Please read the US Federal Financial Institution Councils statement on Pandemic Planning posted below on 2-6-08. Also, read our posted white papers and use our R&D library to focus your credit union and credit union chapter on similar financial institution letters issued in your country. As soon as possible, go to http://pandemicflu.gov/plan/ and review what we discussed during our last RM benchmarking exercise in the UK and Caribbean.                                                           Rich Woldt

Rich Woldt CEO    

The Risk Management Learning Center


We use Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs," to coordinate a public-private sector response during any large scale disaster or terrorist attack.

We form partnerships between associations and the public sector to meet victim' belongingness needs, and support partnerships between colleges, universities, and trade schools to meet victim' self esteem and self actualization needs.

You're at the home page for our Community Outreach Center. Through this site we'll create partnerships between the public sector (law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency governments, and Homeland Security professionals) and community leaders, business associations, and all levels of the world credit union movement. Using the Incident Command and Control system, we'll design RM training venues for before and regional response protocols for during and after any natural disaster, pandemic, or terrorist attack!

                                                                                                                                    Rich Woldt

By design, this site translates technical RM research into a layman' language everyone will understand. Our strategy is to get everyone on the same page and marching in the same direction during any community wide crisis. Our hope is to keep it simple, driven from the grassroots, and focused on the Incident Command System. 

Veterans!  Go to www.DoorCountyVeterans.com and join us at "Landing Zone Lambeau" on May 22, 2010

Rich Woldt   CEO-The Risk Management Learning Center

To my friends and mentors: September 2005 marked my 42nd year of pounding the podium to motivate and spread Risk Management (RM) wisdom around the world. I've been richly blessed with a career that's taken me to most cities in the US and countries in the free world. I've been blessed to have worked with so many good friends and professional RM mentors. Now, thanks to the internet, we're able to keep in touch, reach out, and prepare a world that's threatened by natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and an increasingly violent society. It's my sincere hope that this site will provide you with skills you'll need to manage new risks, face new challenges, accept new responsibilities, and move out with courage to prepare, protect, and defend your homeland.         Rich Woldt  

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