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To learn more about the ICS, CIRTs, and Risk Management principles and methods, go to our RMLC R&D site at www.RMLearningCenter.com and our veteran' outreach site at www.DoorCountyVeterans.com.  

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The motto for this site will be, "keep it simple and user friendly!   

We've used three incident commands and Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs," to coordinate a public-private sector response during any large scale disaster or terrorist attack. The first focuses financial institutions, insurance companies, and the business community on the victim's physiological needs for food, shelter, and economic stability. Next, we form partnerships between associations and the public sector to meet victim' belongingness needs, and finally we focus on partnerships between colleges, universities, and trade schools to meet victim' self esteem and self actualization needs.

By design, this site translates technical RM research into a layman' language everyone will understand. Our strategy is to get everyone on the same page and marching in the same direction during any community wide crisis. Our hope is to keep it simple, driven from the grassroots, and focused on the Incident Command System. 


Rich Woldt - CEO The Risk Management Learning Center
Critical incidents, especial the 2005' - 2006' grass and forest fires in southwestern USA, have repeatedly underscored the need for mission ready public-to-private partnerships. If an arson can through a community into chaos, just think what terrorist might do the next time our guard is down.


We must always be on guard!
You're at the home page for our Community Outreach Center. This site is under construction and will be up and running sometime in 2007. Through this site we'll create partnerships between the public sector (law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency governments, and Homeland Security professionals) and community leaders, business associations, and all levels of the world credit union movement. Using the Incident Command and Control system, we'll design RM training venues for before and regional response protocols for during and after any natural disaster, pandemic, or terrorist attack!

Veterans!  Go to www.DoorCountyVeterans.com and report in to the EOC!                                                                                                                                     Rich Woldt



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To my friends and mentors: September 2005 marked my 42nd year of pounding the podium to motivate and spread Risk Management (RM) wisdom around the world. I've been richly blessed with a career that's taken me to most cities in the US and countries in the free world. I've been blessed to have worked with so many good friends and professional RM mentors. Now, thanks to the internet, we're able to keep in touch, reach out, and prepare a world that's threatened by natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and an increasingly violent society. It's my sincere hope that this site will provide you with skills you'll need to manage new risks, face new challenges, accept new responsibilities, and move out with courage to prepare, protect, and defend your homeland.         Rich Woldt  

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